Spiritual Medium
Ed Torres

my wonderful life adventure

At a very early age I was aware of "something", I used to call it my gut feel. It wasn't tell later in life that I realized it had a more formal name now more commonly referred to as "intuition" or being intuitive.

When I was very young I experienced my first OBE or out-of-body experience. A loud bang brought me uncomfortably back and I then experienced the slow process of reorienting and regaining physical function. This experience was very disconcerting to me and it wasn't till much later in life that I also understood what had happened. What I remember to this day very clearly was the lack of ability to move. The way I described it to my Mom was it felt like the blanket over me was holding me down, not able to move either my arms or legs.

To a youngster, experiencing a loss is very traumatic. To experience 3 in consecutive years with one being an older brother was catastrophic. Needless to say, self-protection becomes paramount and gates were installed closing down shop to interactivity with Spirit.

Consequently, I was beginning my middle age when I began my path at reconnecting with the spirit world, it all came back to me in a very natural way. I have always felt comfortable with thoughts of there being an afterlife. This subtle push toward opening up has led me on a path of healing.

Training in aspects of psychic work, becoming both a Reiki Master and Karuna Reiki Master, all leading and helping me in my ultimate passion, become a medium. Since "all roads lead to Rome", then all my paths were leading me to one of mediumship or what I like to refer to as the healing art of connection.

It was this later in life when I truly understood and felt this connection was leading me toward the path of mediumship.

In life as in death we will if we so choose continue to experience growth and healing, just to name a few. My path has been made easier by those before me. Spiritual awakenings are happening everywhere and are accelerating. May your path be clear, bright and peaceful.

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