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Ed Torres


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Mediumship is best described as "between two worlds", or the go-between the physical and the spiritual realms.

This connection is an aspect of life many of us have experienced.

Our families-animals-friends in Spirit are at times able to get through. Many of us have felt a presence with us, smelt smoke or a particular scent though no one is there. Many of us can relate to seeing a particular sign or symbol, reminding us of a lost loved one. With these connections the common thread is where timing is unusual.

Well, I'm not the first to say this but "was it a coincidence" or was it with purpose, specific and for us? When you begin to accept the latter then things tend to accelerate and happen more often, it then becomes very hard to call it a coincidence.

And that my friends, is what connecting between two worlds is all about. A shift in thought, in thinking, and in understanding that a transition into the Spirit realm doesn't mean they have left us.

Services offered:

Individual Reading - $100/hour

Group Reading - negotiable/hour.

Email: edtorres@edtorres.com

Phone: 818 426 2900

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